A wide variety of services are available including technical writing, press releasing, photography, banner advertisements, and graphics design.

Press Releasing Activities

Sample Industrial & Medical Magazines
Numerous ties to industrial & medical magazines at your disposal.
Print Advertisements

SMI Full Page Ad SMI Quarter Page Ad Magmotor Poster

Sample Print Advertisements (Click for Larger)
Photography and graphics design for magazine advertisements and posters.

Other forms of company or product advertising include business card cds:

Servo Magnetics Presentation CD
SMI Presentation CD
Sample CD containing company Description
Unique design.
Kirkhill Product Catalog CD
Kirkhill Product Catalogue
Sample CD Containing Procuct Catalog
Traditional "business card" design.

Other medium:

Portable Data Format (PDF) catalogs and data sheets, Flash banners and animation, PowerPoint presentations etc.

Townbiz is a creative, agile organization located in Santa Clarita, CA that is dedicated to providing web design, photography, and marketing services to a wide range of clientele. We were established before the turn of the century, and enthusiastically service small business as well as larger projects and can accommodate a wide range of budgets.

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